DADADOIT I-III (2014-16) was a performance series taking place in Aalborg, Denmark. The performance series came out of frustration with the stagnated local music scene and sought to experiment with concert formats.
The third and final performance in the DADADOIT performance series was a by-appointment tactile sound session. Over the course of three days, audiences would book a slot in a schedule to experience a custom made sound session while lying on a bed that had sound controlled low frequency vibrators build into it.
DADADOIT Pt.2 took place at Huset Hasserisgade as a part of Aalborg Surreal Festival 2016.
Thanks to Jakob, Jeroen Derks, Aima Sofie Skinnebach, Deanna Nichele Young, Annette Scheibel, Huset Hasserisgade and Aalborg Surreal.
DADADOIT PT.3 was supported by KulturKanten and Musam.
See Pt.1 (2014) and Pt.2 (2015)