Is it a sound? Is it a rhythm? Is it a texture? Is it a word? Is it a context? Is it me? I am fascinated by the invisible, ambiguous and intersubjective characteristics of listening and its potential to change the listener. From this perspective, I explore the interdependent ways in which we are embedded in socio-political structures, specifically in the areas of gender, power relations and the environment. Engaging with and caring for spaces and situations where listening takes place, I criticise problematic conditions, as well as nurture ideas and positive transformations for the individual and groups at large. – Morten Poulsen, 2022


Danish artist Morten Poulsen’s relation to sound and performance began at age five, when he constructed his own percussion instruments out of wood scraps and convinced his friends to form a band. He later pursued his passion for rhythms into a career as a jazz and improv drummer, performing extensively around Europe, and composing music for several projects. In 2014, he destroyed his drums with a baseball bat in a gallery performance, signalling a turning point on his artistic path. Though these days most of Morten’s drumming happens submerged underwater with Aquasonic, he still relies on improvisation and spontaneity in his creative processes.
Morten’s artistic practice currently works in the intersection of sound art, artistic research, socio-politics and activism. He works in a multitude of formats, from installations and performance art, to recordings, concerts, writing and social-engagement.
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Contact: mp@morten-poulsen(dot)dk



Education and courses (selected)
  • 2022 Enhanced Practices, International Center for Knowledge in the Arts CPH
  • 2021 Cand. Musicae, Rhythmic Music Conservatory CPH
  • 2019 Experimental Music, Universität der Künste Berlin DE
  • 2018 Audio-visual works, The Danish National School of Performing Arts DK Exhibitions (selected)
Exhibitions (selected)
  • 2022 DARKWEB.DK – XM3, Aalborg DK
  • 2021 You Are My Sunshine – Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond & Men’s International Day CPH
  • 2021 Unhearing the white voice – C4 Projects CPH
  • 2021 Listening with… – Walking Landscapes/Copenhagen International Theater CPH
  • 2021 The white voice – various locations
  • 2021 Are you okay? – online
  • 2021 Maybe it’s time for something else? – Rhythmical Music Conservatory CPH
  • 2021 Er det? – Window conversations, Bergen NO
  • 2020 The Dark Web Office – Kunsthal Aarhus DK
  • 2020 Farcen i Aarhus – Aarhus Sound Art Festival DK
  • 2019 Nothing to See – ArtRoom/1000Fryd, Aalborg DK
  • 2019 Domestica – Kunsten Museum of Contemporary Art, Aalborg DK
  • 2019 Please ask me how I feel – Big Shark, Aalborg DK
  • 2018 Sub – Nature Summit, Hirtshals DK
  • 2017 Tremor or: How I learned not to be nervous – Aarhus Artspace DK
  • 2016 I Am Human Too – FAA Project room, Odense DK
Performances (selected)
  • 2019 The Re-Occupied Bunker – Nature Summit, Hirtshals DK
  • 2018 AR I-IV – Open Days Festival for new music and sound art, Aalborg DK
  • 2018 Jazz Iterations – Meutiviti Festival, Aalborg DK
  • 2018 Untitled – Culture Meeting, Nykøbing Mors DK
  • 2017 LR – Open Days Festival for new music and sound art, Aalborg DK
  • 2017 Miles Davis Trio – Meutiviti Festival, Aalborg
Publications (selected)
  • 2021 Music from ‘Unhearing the White Voice’, independent
  • 2017 RIGHT! by Morten Poulsen Trio, on Outrovaert
  • 2016 Aerodynamics Pt 2 on The Wire Tapper, The Wire
  • 2016 Dark Web – online/Outrovaert
Awards and Artist Residencies (selected)
  • 2020 Artist in Residence at Inter Arts Center, Malmö SE
  • 2019 Artist in Residence at BEK, Bergen NO
  • 2018 Artist in Residence at The Danish Institute, Athens GR
  • 2017 Talent Award, Kulturpris Aalborg
  • 2017 Artist in Residence at WORM Studio, Rotterdam NL
  • 2017&18 Artist in Residence at EMS, Stockholm SE
Other (selected)
  • 2021 U-Lydig (experimental sound and listening workshops), CPH
  • 2021 Techinical Advisor at Walking Landscapes by Copenhagen International Theater
  • 2020 Head of SOME and Communications at Between Music
  • 2018 Director of Meutiviti Jazz Festival
  • Project Co-director of Atmosphaera, audiovisual concerts
  • 2015- Underwater-drummer at Aquasonic by Between Music
Full CV on request
Photo by BM Jacob // 2020