January: DMF and BKF residency – Berlin DE
February: production residency for The PATH – Brescia, Italy IT
February: Seismograf Peer Launch Event – Sound Studies Colloquium, Copenhagen University DK
March-July: Young Danish Contemporary Art (group exhibition) – Kunstbygningen i Vrå DK
April: The Ideal is Wrong (premier) – Lydknust Festival, Esbjerg DK
May: Who Needs To Listen? – a lecture-performance – Kunstbygningen i Vrå DK
May: Bedrock 4 (group exhibition) – Ladder, Copenhagen DK
September: The Listening Academy – Berlin DE
September: Who Needs To Listen? – a lecture-performance – Kunstbygningen i Vrå DK
December: The PATH premier – Wonderland Festival, Brescia IT
January/February: Nature-Scape (group exhibition) – SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen DK
January: Artist talk – Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Copenhagen DK
February: Artist talk – Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg DK
March/April/May: ServerGarden (solo exhibition) – Fraktal Ventesal, Skørping DK
May: Artist talk – Fraktal Ventesal for samtidskunst, lyd og poesi, Skørping DK
May: Artist talk and performance – Penta Infra Data Centers, Copenhagen DK
June: Bedrock 3 (group exhibition) – Ladder, Copenhagen DK
July: Artist in Residence – Sound Art Lab, Struer DK
August/September: We Need Gardeners and Friends, Not Emperors or Kings (solo exhibition) – Skjold Contemporary, Copenhagen DK
August: book signing w. SixtyEight Art Institute – CHART/Charlottenborg, Copenhagen DK
November/December: More-than (solo exhibition) – XM3, Aalborg DK
November: presentation at PARSE biennal artistic research conference – Gothenburg, SE
November: Sound design on Rock Bottom (Emile Pineault) – HAUT, Copenhagen DK
November: Artist talk – 1000Fryd, Aalborg DK
December: Fear of Weakness: Songs to Agitate the Man – Seismograf, online
March: Bedrock (group exhibition) – Ladder, Copenhagen DK
March/April: Walking Landscapes (group exhibition)- Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg DK
April: House of Ears, First edition – Copenhagen DK
June: Transformation and Interdependence – International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, CPH DK
July: Exhale(s)  (group exhibition), Errant Sound Berlin DE
August-September: Hør, w. Signe Vad and Morten Poulsen (group exhibition) – XM3, Aalborg DK
August: The Listening Academy, London UK
October: Field recording trip to Egholm – Aalborg DK
October: Field recording trip to Hambach, Germany DE
October: Bedrock 2 (group exhibition) –  Ladder, Copenhagen DK
October: Aquasonic – Baden, Switzerland CH
November: solo – Literaturhaus, Copenhagen DK
December: Anthology for Listening publication release – Bladr, Copenhagen DK
January: Breaking the Surface production – Aarhus DK
February: Breaking the Surface production – Aarhus DK
April: Aquasonic video production – Nr. Vorupøre DK
May: Er det? – Window Conversations, Bergen NO
May: U-Lydig workshop – Copenhagen DK
June: Listening with…  – RMC, Copenhagen DK
July: Performance – Walking Landscapes, Aalborg DK
August: Artist in Residence – Hanstholm Lighthouse, DK
September: Unhearing the White Voice – c4 Projects, Copenhagen DK
October: You Are My Sunshine – Main Library, Aalborg DK
November: You Are My Sunshine  – Men’s International Day, Copenhagen DK
December 2021 – January 2022: DARKWEB.DK –  XM3, Aalborg DK
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