Tag: electro-acoustic

  • Kulturmødet Mors 2016

    The performance MultiArt will be performing at Kulturmødet 2016. As a change from the previous premiere performance in 2015, this edition will focus on the interaction between live painting and improvised electroacoustic music. “The cultural summit (Kulturmødet) is Denmarks’ new centre stage for discussing arts and culture.” – www.kulturmoedet.dk

  • Emperor Worm

    Emperor Worm The installation is a helminthological study of the Tremostoma Imperatoris (Fig.1), also known as the Emperor Worm, and its behavior when exposed to human interaction. This study aims to investigate whether the electro-acoustic reaction patterns exhibited by T.Imperatoris are mere neuromechanical automatisms or signs of intelligence. The electro-acoustic sound installation Emperor Worm will…