Danish artist Morten Poulsen’s relation to sound and performance began at age five, when he constructed his own percussion instruments out of wood scraps and convinced his friends to form a band. He later pursued his passion for rhythms into a career as a jazz and improv drummer, performing extensively around Europe, until he in 2014 destroyed his drums with a baseball bat in a gallery performance, signalling a turning point on his artistic path. Though these days most of Morten’s drumming happens submerged underwater with Aquasonic, he still rely on improvisation and spontaneity in creative processes.

Morten’s artistic practice now exists in the intersection of sound art, artistic research, politics and activism. He engages practices of listening and sounding in approaching and exploring intersubjective relations and socio-political topics. His works are presented in a multitude of formats, from installations and performance art, to recordings, concerts, writing and social-engagement.