Maybe it’s time for something else

Both in the historical music canon and the contemporary music industry today, there is a large representation of men. Maybe it’s time for something else? asks the students of the RMC, the future of the music industry, to re-imagine this situation and ask their school to make changes toward a diversified curriculum. 
The work is a collage photo of the only sculpture on the campus of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (RMC). The original sculpture is of a naked man, in the style of greek sculpture, holding a bass guitar. On the collage, the sculpture has been given a skirt and rainbow sunglasses.  
Maybe it’s time for something else? was spread around the RMC campus at the graduation show 2021 in which only a small percentage of graduating students were non-male.
Maybe it’s time for something else? was exhibited on June 15th 2021 at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory.