NY is the debut album of drummer and composer Morten Poulsen, featuring american pianist Russ Lossing.
In 2015, on a very cold february day, the duo went in to the studio to record NY, which is the danish word for New. Prior to this, Morten had spent two weeks in New York where he composed music for the album, taking inspiration from the experiences of the city and its history, post-war classical music and reflections on life and personality.
The duo also recorded Etude by Paul Motian.
“It is music with an inspiring complexity, music that speaks, music with an insisting nerve. The debut of Morten Poulsen is a succesful and ambitious documentation from a collaboration with the more experienced Russ Lossing. It is the first time I hear Morten Poulsen. His intense presence in the moment leaves a lasting impression. I look forward to hearing more from him.”
– Niels Overgård, jazznyt.blogspot.dk
“All the way it moves on the edge between modern, meditative jazz and classical/contemporary music… This has simply become a completely idiosyncratic record that gives peace of mind. Listen, for example, on the third track “Dark”. Beautiful! It is outstanding playing from both musicians and I am convinced that this disc will be highlighted quite often, when I need peace and serenity..”
– Jan Granlie, salt-peanuts.eu
Find the album at www.outrovaert.com
Cover photo by Anna-My Scheibel Christiansen