Tremor or: How I Learned Not To Be Nervous

How does our anticipation for an impending event affect our present state? With the foreknowledge of a natural result of actions, does that change our perception of the emotions we feel towards it? Can our intention make us predict the future? How does the perceived information through our senses change our mental state? Why does listening make me nervous?
Excerpt from installation on December 10, 2016 at Gallery Bloody Milk


30+ ceramic plates, 3 wooden stands, 5 sound controlled vibrators, wireless controller and Max/MSP.

Performance history:

December 10th 2016 at Bloody Milk Gallery, Aalborg DK

July 9th 2017 at Aarhus Artspace, Aarhus DK


Technical Assistance: Karl Heding

Photos by Sara Arenfeldt Kragh

Tremor or: … was supported by KulturKANten