“Morten Poulsen has created a site-specific sound installation which presents field recordings of trees in Denmark and in the forest of Hambach, Germany. The installation of the piece will allow the audience to directly experience the sounds and frequencies of nature, recorded using contact microphones and perceivable through physical contact with the tree via audio-exciters. The piece will therefore sensitise the audience to the living, breathing reality of the nature that surrounds us and is part of us, but which we often overhear, so encouraging ecological listening.” – SixtyEight Art Institute
Title: Treehugger
Materials: 1 channel composition, 1,5m x 0,25m tree log, 1 audio-exciter
Production year: 2022/23
Exhibited at SixtyEight Art Gallery and Institute for Geoscience and Natural Ressources, Copenhagen DK in 2023
Read the artist talk about Treehugger here
Photo by Rikke Ehlers Nilsson