The Ideal Is Wrong

The Ideal Is Wrong is a project in which sound artist Morten Poulsen collaborated with the danish band Utæt (which translates to “Leaky”). Merging Poulsen’s research-based and critical artistic practice, with Utæt’s punk-infused music and their firsthand encounters as young and queer individuals, they created a music composition with profound political undertones, aiming to capture a feeling of contemporary existence. Their creation might be labeled as a protest song against societal as well as musical ideals, and serves as a testament to rebellion and activism, resilience and the art of being together. Whether it awakes the inner revolutionary or the inner nihilist will be determined by the context in which we, the listeners, find ourselves in.
Thanks to Utæt (Charlie, Kris, Katinka, Paula and Bjørg).
Recording, mixing and sound design: Morten.
Lyrics: Bjørg, Kris, Paula and Morten.
Vocals: Bjørg, Paula
Guitar: Katinka.
Bass: Kris.
Drums: Charlie and Morten
Flute: Bjørg
Live FX: Paula
Choir: Katina, Bjørg, Kris, Charlie, Paula and Morten
The Ideal Is Wrong is exhibited as part of Lydknust (2024) in Esbjerg, DK.
The project is supported by The Danish Arts Council.
Photos by Morten Poulsen