Temple for Oxóssi

Temple for Oxóssi – Interactive Art Installation and Live Performance
The African mythology Yoruba, as also the Scandinavian mythology among others, worships deities that represent the forces of Nature. These deities in the Yoruba mythology are called orishas. Oxóssi is the orisha of the forest, the god of hunting, wealth and justice, who also loves art and beautiful things.
Temple for Oxóssi was a site-specific and interactive art installation that invited the audience to participate in a ritualistic experience to worship Nature itself, while sharing with others the same experience in time and space.
Sound excerpt of the installation Temple for Oxóssi at 20:48 on June 2nd 2016.
Concept, Design and Live Performance: Sandro Masai – Sound Designer: Morten Poulsen – Guest Performer: Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen – LAND-SHAPE Land Art Festival 2016
Materiels (sound installation): 24 sound exciters, 200+ meter audio cable, contact microphones and Max/MSP.