Sonora Memoria


The post-performance-installationen Sonora Memoria will be exhibited at Teatro Kismet in Bari, Italy, from 8-12th of October 2015.




Recording for album release with Adolfo La Volpe (IT), Marialouisa Capurso (IT), Franceso Massaro (IT) and Morten Poulsen.
The recording session took place on the 5th of october at Waveahead Studio in Monopoli, Italy.


Camera Sonora at Visioni di (p)Arte, Bari IT


Camera Sonora, a durational sound performance, will participate in Visioni di (p)Arte in Bari, Italy, on 3-4th of october.


DSC_0238 kopi

From DADADOIT pt.2 performance at Aalborg Station on 28th of August.
Photo by Anna-My Photography.

Paradiso – Cabaret Après

Cabaret Aprés

Photo from a performance in Paradiso in Aalborg. The performance combining joggling, magic, contemporary dance and sound art.


Very happy to announce that I am going to be underwater-drummer in the Aquasonic ensemble: 
“The AquaSonic underwater concert by Between Music takes the audience on a unique and fascinating voyage into uncharted territory. Equipped with custom-made underwater instruments four musicians and singers submerge themselves completely in water in each their man-sized water tank. From the watery depths they deliver visual performance, art installation and concert in one; from silent warm waves of euphony to ocean-like deep rumbling, and roaring soundscapes of another world.” –


DADADOIT PT.2 continues friday 28th of August at Aalborg Train Station.
Photo by Julia Spicina.


Participation in Aalborg Surreal2

DSC_9362 kopiGnosienne Reworked, a composition based on music by Erik Satie, utilizing techniques like collage and micromontage – was presented at the Aalborg Surreal art exhibit 2015.
Materials: samples from Erik Satie’s “Gnosienne no.1”, 3 samplers and 2 oscillators
Presented on 4 pairs of wireless headphones.
Photos by Anna My Scheibel

Erik Sate Remixed

Solo performance at the BARSKT art exhibition, where a CD-R of Erik Satie piano works was being sampled and remixed as part of a live improvisation.
Equipment used: CD-player, sampler, effect machine, B&O TG-7 Tone Generator



DSC_7704 kopiPhotos and video from the first MultiArt performance can be found here.