Jazz Iterations

Presenting the new work Jazz Iterations as part of Meutiviti Festival 2018. Find out more about it here.


Katarsis, the latest film from danish duo KA&HA, had its premiere in June 2018 with music and sound design by Morten Poulsen. The film can now be found online here.
A girl lost on stage. A woman trying to relive her youth. A boy in love.  A man struggling to erradicate the noise. The short film “Katarsis” explores the subject of modern media culture – its effects on the individual as well as our society’s obsession with self-exposure and nostalgia. We often like to criticise this circus but aren’t we voluntarily taking part in it ourselves?


The EP Middagslur by Lasse Sandkamm was just released, which features Morten Poulsen on drums. Find it here.


We often think of the ocean as a silent place, but it can actually be quite a noisy environment. The sounds used in Sub were recorded with underwater microphones at a depth of approximately 8 meters, about 900 meters off the coast of Hirtshals, where the ferries and fishing boats are sailing. While we can choose to enter and leave this noisy environment as we wish, creatures in the sea have no choice but to live in it.
Sub is premiered at Naturmødet (The Nature Summit); an annual national gathering about and in nature on 24-26th of May.
Find out more at www.morten-poulsen.dk/sub

Danish Institute in Athens

Very excited to have been selected as Artist in Residence at the Danish Institute in Athens.