New Aalborg Group

New Aalborg Group (2012-2013) was a laboratory for alternative composition and experimental performance in the city of Aalborg, Denmark – founded and lead by composer Morten Poulsen. The compositions experimented with both graphical notation and written instructions, with inspiration from surrealism, fluxus and dadaism. NAG had no permanent members. Each concert offered a new constellation of curious and adventurous musicians, mostly young talents from North of Jutland. The result was a hybrid orchestra openly questioning conventional notions of what a concert could contain.


New Aalborg Group musicians:
Kasper Grøn (percussion), Thomas Fischer Petersen (guitar), Jorrit Westerhof (guitar), Natasha Ejskjær Thomassen (vocal), Johannes Gammelgaard Lauritsen (sax), Nanna Elizabeth Hovgaard (vocals), Rasmus Alexander Uhrenholt Holm (trombone), Anders Nikolaj Christensen (e-bass), Morten Poulsen (drums and effects), Gabriele Vaslliauskaite (voc), Jens Bech Hald (piano), Jonathan Simon Seest (bass), Lasse Sandkamm (guitar), Jonas Lindh (trombone), Søren Raaschou (guitar and effects).