Lyden af Nordjylland

Lyden af Nordjylland – The Sound of Northern Jutland – began as a collaboration between drummer/composer Thomas Albæk Jakobsen and sound artist Morten Poulsen in 2017.
Initially, the process of this project was as following: 1) Morten Poulsen went to specific parts of Northern Jutland to gather audio recordings and 2) an ensemble subsequently performed acoustic concerts at these locations inspired by the recordings, together with electronic manipulations of the chosen sound recordings.
The ensemble consisted of:
Thomas Albæk Jakobsen – drums and compositions
Morten Poulsen – live electronics
Marius Ungureanu (RO) – bratsch
Francisco Vila (US) – cello
Jakob Mygind – tenor saxophone
Later, these trips and recordings was gathered to produce new visual and auditory representations of Northern Jutland.