Dark Web (2020) is a performance version of the 2016 music release Dark Web exhibited online for Kunsthal Aarhus in May 2020.
“Artist Morten Poulsen takes over Kunsthal Aarhus’ website and social media with the work Dark Web. Dark Web refers to an encrypted part of the internet that is hidden and inaccessible to standard browsers and search engines. On this part of the internet, illegal activities can be unobstructed.
Poulsen’s work was originally presented as an audiovisual Internet music release in 2016 on www.darkweb.dk. Since then, it has changed its character, as the site is sought out by wanna-be-hackers and trolls who believe the work is the actual gateway to the dark web. The artist, who took the role of secretary of Dark Web, has consequently had hundreds of obscure mail correspondences with people who have wanted to buy drugs, make quick money or become a soldier. 
This Thursday, Morten Poulsen takes up the secretary role once again and examines the many correspondences in an internet performance.” – Kunsthal Aarhus


Thanks to Karl Heding.