Atmosphaera is an audiovisual concert-performance that expands and amplifies the elements of danish churches in order to create a room for reflection and immersion.

The architecture and history of the church room contribute to a sensible experience of greatness and humbleness that speaks to something basic in us. This bodily feeling created by a space and its energy is hard to find cultivated to the same extent elsewhere, and is the source of fascination on an entirely fundamental level. At the same time, the church room is a mental space that provides room and tranquility for both the feeling of community and personal existential search.

These are the elements that Atmosphaera focuses on by creating a unique interdisciplinary experience. The combination of an awe-inspiring physical space and a mental space for immersion is speciel in our time, and Atmosphaera wish to pay attention to this while pointing it out as an important aspect to hold onto, in our fast-paced contemporaries.
ATMOSPHAERA opens up both the inner reflective presence and the tangible sense of coherence in the church room: using haze, the lights forms a spacious character while sound sources located in different places in the room forms an atmospheric experience with great variation and depth.

The traditional focus on the altar is moved into the church room itself, creating an omnipresent atmosphere, with the whole as the object of attention. This creates a mood where the inwardly personal space interchanges with the voluminous physical space. This provides a framework for a new way of experiencing the church room, and the interaction between sound and light.

The visual expression is made up of dynamic changes between calm abstractions and ascending passages, accompanied by meditative soundscapes that slowly and vibrantly give room for an entry into the church space. Broken by dynamic discharges of energy, the attention is shifted to the new, in the interchange between the inner personal and outer physical space.

This interdisciplinary collaboration was created between light artist Christine Hvidt and sound artist Morten Poulsen.


Atmosphaera was supported by  KulturKANten, Region Nord and The Danish Arts Council.