AR I-IV is a series of site specific soundscape compositions that represent artistic interpretations of specific locations in Aalborg. Every composition relates to its location like a memory or a dream. Experienced at their respective locations, the compositions create an augmented sonic reality, where actual recordings of the locations are mixed with digital manipulations of those same sounds. The compositions become meditations on time, space, memory and the identity of places in the urban environment.
AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that combines data from the physical world with virtual data. AR I-IV is a continuation of the performance LR (presented at Open Days Festival 2017), which explored possibilities within augmented sonic reality; the possibility for sonic alteration of our reality.
The concert is presented as an audio-walk trough four locations with one composition per location. Headphones are provided.
Find the compositions and instructions here.
Photos by Stine Viuf and Morten Poulsen.
Realised with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.