Aerodynamics explores sonic textures inspired by aircraft noise, but created live and exclusively with home build synthesizers and an array of guitar pedals.
Being inside an airplane is a whole-body experience, as you hear the sound of the big turbines outside your window, the rumbling and shaking of the cabin interior, the increase of noise from the flow of air passing the wings and landing gear, and the bodily feel of low frequency oscillation coming from this massive instrument of transportation. Meanwhile, traveling brings forth emotions as you dream of which experiences lays ahead on your journey.
Aerodynamics is designed to be a dense and voluminous listening experience best presented loud!

Recorded at Outrovaert studio in Aalborg, Denmark, on November 29th 2015.
Released in 2016 at
Aerodynamics Pt.2 was featured on the May issue of the acclaimed The Wire Tapper.
Cover art by Mon Varga.