Camera Sonora

“Camera Sonora is a durational performance that combines music, performance art and installation with an aim to explore aspects of time as a method to venture into thoughts an emotions by reflecting on specific themes.

Camera Sonora uses the surroundings of the performers and the audience as inspiration and stimuli for the subconscious travels and shamanic rituals that interacts with the site and the location. For every version of Camera Sonora, the performers choose a theme from which they create new rituals and concepts to be explored during the extended performances.”


Marialuisa Capurso (IT)

Adolfo La Volpe (IT)

Morten Poulsen (DK)


Previous performances:

Berlin DE, 2014

Bari IT, 2015

Montorio Val Vomano IT, 2016

Liminaria Festival IT, 2016

Aalborg DK, 2016

Aalborg DK, 2017



 Live excerpts from Berlin 2014:
Room Sound 3
Room Sound 4
Room Sound 6


Video documentation from Camera Sonora HOME performance in Aalborg DK in August 2017:



The book Tales of Sonic Displacement published by SOCCOS feature documentation of the 2016 edition of Camera Sonora in Abruzzo, Italy.