Liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a journey between what was before and what comes after. It is a time in which we soak in a state of uncertainty.
This track contemplates the experiences had during the national lock down in Denmark due to COVID-19, and includes field recordings from Copenhagen Central Train Station recorded in the very beginning of the danish national lock down in March 2020.

Første Torsdag

Dark Web will be presented online at Kunsthal Aarhus. 
“Artist Morten Poulsen takes over Kunsthal Aarhus’ website and social media with the work Dark Web. Dark Web refers to an encrypted part of the internet that is hidden and inaccessible to standard browsers and search engines. On this part of the internet, illegal activities can be unobstructed.
Poulsen’s work was originally presented as an audiovisual Internet music release in 2016 on Since then, it has changed its character, as the site is sought out by wanna-be-hackers and trolls who believe the work is the actual gateway to the dark web. The artist, who took the role of secretary of Dark Web, has consequently had hundreds of obscure mail correspondences with people who have wanted to buy drugs, make quick money or become a soldier. 
This Thursday, Morten Poulsen takes up the secretary role once again and examines the many correspondences in an internet performance.” – Kunsthal Aarhus


Read more about the performance here.

In closer detail…

Currently working on a development of artistic processes, including research into intersubjective sonic experiences with the installation Nothing to See.

KulturKaravane Nord

Morten will be taking part in KulturKaravane Nord with a new commissioned sound object titled Domestica.
Domestica  will be presented in public spaces in 11 towns around North of Jutland in Denmark during October and November 2019. More info to be found here.


A new sound art installation will be presented as part of the group exhibition Resort, opening on august 3rd in Aalborg DK.


Will be taking part of the group exhibition Thrills, participating with a new sound piece for cheap in-ear headphones. The exhibition is held in a private apartment in Aalborg DK. The exhibition is open 29th of June at 6.30-9pm, and 30th of June at 2-4pm.

The Re-Occupied Bunker #2

Presenting a new sound installation in Hirtshals DK on June 1st, in collaboration with visual artist Inge Tranter. The installation is open everyday of June and July 2019.