DADADOIT is the name of a new performance series in Aalborg, whose purpose is to create performances that cries to the right to be abstract, absurd, exaggerated and ridiculous. With DADADOIT, the artist comments on traditional concert and performance formats, by transcending the boundaries of good custom, and by insisting that art need not necessarily be easily understood.


The first DADADOIT event was named Beats Destructed and took place at Gallery VÆG – Contemporary Art Gallery – in Aalborg on 13th of december 2014, and was sponsored by UdOverKanten-puljen.

The trashed drum set was subsequently exhibited at the gallery for 30 days.


Videos by Louis Loeb:



Photos by Anna-My Photograhy

DADADOIT: Beats Destructed



DADADOIT: Beats Destructed



DADADOIT: Beats Destructed



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