Camera Sonora

The fourth edition of the performance Camera Sonora will be performing at Gallery Bloody Milk in Aalborg, Denmark. This time, the performers will be improvising for 2×15 hours on 26th and 27th of August.  

Suoni Di Monte D’Oro

Camera Sonora will be taking part in the residency Suoni Di Monte D’Oro. “SUONI DI MONTE D’ORO is an artist residency co-organized by two cultural organizations, Bambun from Abruzzo, Italy and Binaural/Nodar from Portugal. The residency will take place between July 14th and 21st , 2016 in and around Montorio al Vomano (province of Teramo, […]

Sonora Memoria

The post-performance-installationen Sonora Memoria will be exhibited at Teatro Kismet in Bari, Italy, from 8-12th of October 2015.  

Camera Sonora at Visioni di (p)Arte, Bari IT

Camera Sonora, a durational sound performance, will participate in Visioni di (p)Arte in Bari, Italy, on 3-4th of october.

Camera Sonora

CAMERA SONORA – a sound performance. 3 days of continuos sound performed by Adolfo La Volpe, Marialuisa Capurso and Morten Poulsen The 2014 edition took place at Grüntaler9 in Berlin. The 2015 edition will take place in Italy.