Camera Sonora at Visioni di (p)Arte, Bari IT


Camera Sonora, a durational sound performance, will participate in Visioni di (p)Arte in Bari, Italy, on 3-4th of october.


DSC_0238 kopi

From DADADOIT pt.2 performance at Aalborg Station on 28th of August.
Photo by Anna-My Photography.

Paradiso – Cabaret Après

Cabaret Aprés

Photo from a performance in Paradiso in Aalborg. The performance combining joggling, magic, contemporary dance and sound art.


Very happy to announce that I am going to be underwater-drummer in the Aquasonic ensemble: 
“The AquaSonic underwater concert by Between Music takes the audience on a unique and fascinating voyage into uncharted territory. Equipped with custom-made underwater instruments four musicians and singers submerge themselves completely in water in each their man-sized water tank. From the watery depths they deliver visual performance, art installation and concert in one; from silent warm waves of euphony to ocean-like deep rumbling, and roaring soundscapes of another world.” –


DADADOIT PT.2 continues friday 28th of August at Aalborg Train Station.
Photo by Julia Spicina.


Participation in Aalborg Surreal2

DSC_9362 kopiGnosienne Reworked, a composition based on music by Erik Satie, utilizing techniques like collage and micromontage – was presented at the Aalborg Surreal art exhibit 2015.
Materials: samples from Erik Satie’s “Gnosienne no.1”, 3 samplers and 2 oscillators
Presented on 4 pairs of wireless headphones.
Photos by Anna My Scheibel

Erik Sate Remixed

Solo performance at the BARSKT art exhibition, where a CD-R of Erik Satie piano works was being sampled and remixed as part of a live improvisation.
Equipment used: CD-player, sampler, effect machine, B&O TG-7 Tone Generator



DSC_7704 kopiPhotos and video from the first MultiArt performance can be found here.


Morten’s Sav-Show

Morten will be performing solo on a singing saw at Aalborg Noise Mass on 18th of April.



Photo from a performance with Je ne sæ Quoi at Tomrummet  in Aalborg DK on the 1st of April 2015.