Emperor Worm

Fig. 1 (Emperor Worm)



Emperor Worm

Imre Mark Petkov (HU)

Morten Poulsen (DK)

The installation is a helminthological study of the Tremostoma Imperatoris (Fig.1), also known as the Emperor Worm, and its behavior when exposed to human interaction.

This study aims to investigate whether the electro-acoustic reaction patterns exhibited by T.Imperatoris are mere neuromechanical automatisms or signs of intelligence.


The electro-acoustic sound installation Emperor Worm will be featured at the Mørke Dage pre-event on 23rd of January 2015.


In addition to the sound installation Emperor Worm, I will also perform a solo saw concert:

“His solo performance at Mørke Dage will be an exploration of the multiple sonic possibilities of the Singing Saw when combined with electronics.”

Mørke Dage pre-event


New Musical Interface

New Musical Interface

In december 2014 I won the final pitch event with my New Musical Interface – a digital music instrument that I have been designing.

The pitch event was held as a part of SuperTalent – a course for talented artists from North Jutland, Denmark, and was sponsored by the European Union, VisitNordjylland.dk and Region Nordjylland.




Camera Sonora

Camera Sonora

CAMERA SONORA – a sound performance.

3 days of continuos sound performed by Adolfo La Volpe, Marialuisa Capurso and Morten Poulsen

The 2014 edition took place at Grüntaler9 in Berlin.

The 2015 edition will take place in Italy.