Participation in Aalborg Surreal2

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“Gnosienne Reworked”, a composition based on music by Erik Satie, utilizing techniques like collage and micromontage – was presented at the Aalborg Surreal art exhibit 2015.

Materials: samples from Erik Satie’s “Gnosienne no.1”, 3 samplers and 2 oscillators

Presented on 4 pairs of wireless headphones.

Photos by Anna My Photography

Erik Sate Remixed

Solo performance at the BARSKT art exhibition, where a CD-r of Erik Satie piano works were being sampled and remixed as part of a live improvisation.


Equipment used: CD-player, sampler, effect machine, B&O TG-7 Tone Generator



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Photos and video from the first MultiArt performance.

To see more, please go to Work -> MultiArt


Morten’s Sav-Show


Solo performance at Aalborg Noise Mass on 18th of April




Performance with Je ne sæ Quoi at Tomrummet on the 1st of April 2015. (Photo by Niels Fabæk)


Emperor Worm

Fig. 1 (Emperor Worm)



Emperor Worm

Imre Mark Petkov (HU)

Morten Poulsen (DK)

The installation is a helminthological study of the Tremostoma Imperatoris (Fig.1), also known as the Emperor Worm, and its behavior when exposed to human interaction.

This study aims to investigate whether the electro-acoustic reaction patterns exhibited by T.Imperatoris are mere neuromechanical automatisms or signs of intelligence.


The electro-acoustic sound installation Emperor Worm will be featured at the Mørke Dage pre-event on 23rd of January 2015.


In addition to the sound installation Emperor Worm, I will also perform a solo saw concert:

“His solo performance at Mørke Dage will be an exploration of the multiple sonic possibilities of the Singing Saw when combined with electronics.”

Mørke Dage pre-event