EMS 2018

Currently Artist in Residence at EMS in Stockholm to compose a new quadrophonic composition, which will be premiered later in 2018.


Currently in Sydney, Australia, to perform with Aquasonic at the Sydney Arts Festival 2018.

GAIDA Festival 2017

On my way to perform with Aquasonic by Between Music at GAIDA Festival in Lithuania.
“The GAIDA Festival that takes place in Vilnius since 1991 is the main, the largest and the most prominent festival of modern music in Lithuania and in all Baltic countries. This is one of the most important music forums in Central and Eastern Europe. Events of the GAIDA Festival are always associated with new ideas of modern times and highest artistic quality, innovations.”

Open Days Festival 2017

Presenting the new composition LR at Open Days Festival for New Music and Sound Art on September 17th. For more info go here.

Talent Award

Very happy to have received the Talent Award 2017 from Aalborg Kommune. The criteria for receiving the award is “to exhibit exceptional competences and talent within the performative field Art and Culture. The recipient must have exhibited extraordinary skill and potential for development within his/her field.” 
The jury says; “Morten is able to unfold and explore his talent, with a groundbreaking and inventive approach that characterizes him as a significant part of the Aalborg experimental music scene. Morten Poulsen’s talent and level of ambition places him as one of Aalborg’s pioneers and unifying figures in the progressive and experimental art environment, with potential far beyond North Jutland, and in the near future, also Denmark’s borders.”