Very happy to announce that the composition Heart has been featured on the Innerscape release

“INNERSCAPE encourages the production of compositions that highlight imperceptible soundscapes to the naked ear.
Participants are encouraged to explore and expand ideas of deep listening within their own individual experiences and personal journeys.” – Vacuamoenia

Endings. Festival

endingsI will be participating in the performance art festival Endings. with the solo performance “Tremor or: How I Learned Not To Be Nervous”.

How does our anticipation for an impending event affect our present state? With the foreknowledge of a natural result of actions, does that change our perception of the emotions we feel towards it? Can our intention make us predict the future? How does the perceived information through our senses change our mental state? Can listening make me nervous?

“Tremor or…..” is a sound performance experimenting with psychoacoustics.


Technical Assistant: Karl Heding



We kindly invite you to the DADADOIT PT.3 performance this november.

Please notice that you need to book your own session, by referring to the schedule mentioned at Here’s how to do it:

1. Select the time slot on the schedule that you wish
2. Send an email to with your name and preferred time slot
3. Wait for confirmation to be received on your email address

Best Regards,
Rrose Sélavy, technical assistant

I Am Human Too

I Am Human Too is a Sound and Light Art performance in collaboration with artist Sara Arenfeldt.

Documentation can be found here: I Am Human Too -video

Camera Sonora

white_CS_icon_2000x2000@300dpiThe fourth edition of the performance Camera Sonora will be performing at Gallery Bloody Milk in Aalborg, Denmark. This time, the performers will be improvising for 2×15 hours on 26th and 27th of August.


Kulturmødet Mors 2016











Very excited to announce that my project MultiArt will be performing at Kulturmødet 2016. As a change from the last performance in 2015, this edition will focus on the interaction between live painting and improvised electroacoustic music.


“The cultural summit (Kulturmødet) is Denmarks’ new centre stage for discussing arts and culture. The Cultural Summit takes place next time in Nykøbing Mors, Denmark, on August 25th-27th, 2016.” –