MultiArt is a multi artistic performance which had its debut in Byens Rum, Aalborg DK, on the 1st of April 2015.
MultiArt mixes the art of cooking, visual art and electroacoustic music into one LIVE performance, where the 3 acts will perform simultaneously; via small microphones attached to the painters’ canvas as well as to the chefs’ knives and cutting board, sounds will be sampled and processed live and thereby creating both a physical and creative connection between the three performers.
MultiArt is an investigation and celebration of the processes behind the making of art, and will certainly be a performance for all the senses.

Morten Poulsen (musician)
André Niemi (visual artist)
Thanh Mølgaard (chef)

Anne Hamilton (graphic design)
Mike Baltino Baltzersen (video)
Anna-My Scheibel (photography)



DSC_7828 kopi

DSC_7704 kopi

DSC_7723 kopi