DADADOIT PT.2 was 3 concerts in the public space, but presented in an untraditional way which challenge the audiences’ meeting with music and the artist behind it. In spite of being a public concert, there was NO SOUND being projected in the space. Instead the music, which was being composed live, was live-streamed to a website that the passing by audience had acces to through their mobile devices. In this way, the concert transformed from public space to intimate space.
Concert dates:
Friday 24th of july 2015, 15.00-17.20, at Aalborg Hovedebibliotek
Friday 31th of july 2015, 14.30-16.20, at Aalborg Station
Friday 28th of august 2015, 14.30-16.20, at Aalborg Station
Photos by Anna-My Photography

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DADADOIT PT.2 was supported by UdOverKanten-puljen.